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About Jacksmere Pure Breeds.
Myself, known as Barney runs a 20 acre smallholding. Concentrating on pure and rare breed poultry. Also running three breeds of sheep, Jacobs, Ryelands and Dutch Spoted. I pride myself on producing hardy, quality friendly stock. I am a member of the Jacob Sheep Society, Ryeland Flock Book Society and Dutch Spotted Society. I support our local poultry club, Southport and Ormskirk Bantam Society ( Affiliated by the Poultry Club of Great Britain of which I am also a member).

I am very interested in ornithology, wildlife and all types of nature. I have planted lots of hedging, trees and created 3 wildlife ponds. I don’t use any pesticides, fungacides or herbicides.

I like to eat as naturally as possible. I have my own orchard with old varieties of apples, pears, plums and damsons. I have lots of various fruit bushes and have my own veg plot.

I am very much into self sufficiency. A lot of my electricity comes from solar and wind power. I grow bio mass willow for firewood logs. I rainwater harvest, producing more than enough water for me and my livestock. I recycle anything and everything where possible.

Purpose of this website (still in creation) is mainly to promote the selling of my Rare Breed Poultry, Jacob Sheep, Ryeland Sheep and anything relating to my smallholding. See stock for sale page.

For bio security and work load reasons, I am not open to the public. Interested persons requiring sheep can view by appointment. For customers requiring poultry, they can be collected from my yard by appointment.

All photographs on this website, unless otherwise stated, are the property of Mr J A Barnes. All livestock and poultry that picture in this website have been bred by me, unless otherwise stated. None of my photographs to be used without permission.
If you have any questions about my stock for sale etc, please email me on or call me on 07734 106107.