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Stock For Sale

If you have any questions about our stock for sale etc, please email me on or call me on 07734 106 107.

I will be adding photographs for all items listed as soon as I find some spare time. 

Please note before ordering, We are based in West Lancashire, so consider your travelling distance first. Also note that we do not arrange courier, but we are happy to see to one, if arranged by the purchaser. You must let us know in advance though, that way I can make sure I am on site when they arrive.               

We do not vaccinate our poultry. We work on a natural immunity basis by out crossing with hardy stock (never inbreeding). Also, we only breed from hens not pullets.

Sorry mainly sold out of poultry and sheep now for this year. All we have for sale is listed below. 

3 x Buff Faverolle Large Fowl Hens 2019 bred. Good Muff, beard and shape. 4th and 5th toes nicely spaced. The shade of Buff is excellent (not red, but proper buff). One hen does have a kink in one of other toes. Since the last moult they are lacking foot feather. But apart from this, type is perfect. Put to the right male, they will throw good stock. Sorry I do not have any males to sell. Price £45.00 each therefore £135.00 for all three. They all have to go together. I had intended taking to Carlisle Poultry Sale, but due to bird flu this is unlikely to occur, therefore selling now. Selling as I need the pen for this years young stock. I have retained their offspring for future breeding. It is a first come first served basis. A deposit will secure, but they have to then be picked up within 7 days. I will be listing these on preloved shortly, so to view photos please look on Preloved site under Faverolles.             

Salmon Faverolle Pullets April 2021 hatched. Not show stock, but will make great egg layers pets etc £30.00 each.

Firewood Logs £3.50 per net fully seasoned. (they were cut Jan 2020).                                                           

Twisted/Crooked Willow ( Salix Tortuosa ) trees. 8 Feet tall. Bare rooted. I will Dig up once ordered. £15.00 each.

WANTED. Any Tree Surgeons working in my area who use a wood chipper that cant get rid of their bark chippings. I will gladly take them of your hands, if they are free. I want to use them on paths around my chicken runs and veg plot, which can get very muddy.

Above are some of our Jacob Ewe lambs, Ram lambs and Mothers. We will have similar to sell from July 2022 onwards.

Photo above is one of our home bred Ryeland lambs, we will have similar to sell weaned from July 2022 onwards.