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Faverolle chickens originated in a village called Faverolle in France. They were imported to Britain in 1886. They are classed as heavy soft feather.

Salmon, Cuckoo and Buff are the colours we currently specialise in.

They are a lovely gentle friendly natured chicken with many bonuses. The Salmons and the Cuckoos are sex linked, so can be sexed at an early age. But the Buffs will need to be about 6 weeks to confirm the sex.

They are excellent egg layers and will match even the best pure breed egg layers. The eggs are a good size being a creamy white in colour.

Being a utility breed, they also make a good table bird. Make sure you have a good size roasting tin, as they can grow very big and heavy.

Faverolles make excellent show birds and they will always stand out in a crowd.

Faverolles had sadly often been overlooked due to a lack of breeders, but recently their popularity has grown and their excellent qualities are now realised.

We will have young pullet stock available in the the three colours from May 2022 onwards. Price is £3.00 per week of age. Therefore a 10 week old bird would cost £30.00. We do not sell hatching eggs.

Normally we attend 3 or 4 poultry shows a year. Unfortunately due to corona virus and now avian flu restrictions, this may not be the case.

My Salmon Faverolle Winning Hen at Southport and Ormskirk Spring Show 15th February 2020.

I am often asked if I am a member of the British Faverolles Society. The answer is, not any more.