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Silkies Large Fowl.

Silkies are more than just big balls of fluff, they are fun active and entertaining. We have spent several years, selective breeding to produce silkies of which we are really pleased with. When we first started with silkies, we found they were often fair-weather birds who suffered during inclement weather. There are few things that look more pathetic than a miserable wet silkie. We are now proud to say that we produce silkies that are good, strong, weighty and hardy. Our stock frequently run round with frost on their backs and don’t mind the odd shower of rain.

Silkies are a breed that occasionally succumb to Mareks disease. Only selective breeding or vaccination can erradicate this disease. We have been Mareks Free for several years, this we have achieved soley by careful selective breeding from stock only over 2 years old.

Silkies are sociable birds mixing well with other breeds and can be friendly with humans as well. Silkies are renowned for their broodiness and make excellent mothers. They are often crossed with other breeds such as light sussex and wyandottes for this reason. They are good layers of cream/white eggs.

We run lines of both white and black silkies Large Fowl.

I am a member of the Silkie Club of Great Britain.

Although I advertise them as Large Fowl. They are not huge like you see in poultry shows now-a-days. I pride my-self for concentrating on the traditional size silkie which is bigger than the bantam variety. Mine are the size you would expect to have bought in the 1960s.

We will have stock for sale from May 2022. Price £3.00 per week of age, So a 10 week old bird would be £30.00.