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Ryeland Sheep

Ryelands look like giant teddy bears and are almost as docile. They have a friendly intelligent easy going nature and will follow their owners anywhere, especially if there is bribery on offer. They aren’t fussy eaters, if its edible they’ll eat it. They are very efficient and effective lawnmowers.

Ryelands produce a highly rated quality meat and an excellent soft fleece, valued greatly by handspinners.

Whilst being easy to pen up, adult Ryelands are big sheep and aren’t over fussy as to who’s feet they stand on. They are reasonably heavy but normally pretty easy to handle.

In truth we believe Ryelands are not neccessarily a breed of sheep to be taken lightly, they cannot just be thrown in a field and left to their own devices. They do require a certain amount of knowledge, experience and careful watching, especially at lambing time when they may need some assistance. They are also prone to blowfly strike, so it pays to keep back ends clean and use CLIK or similar blowfly strike preventative throughout the warmer months starting March going into early Autumn.   

We run a small flock of white Ryelands from bloodlines going back, such as Ebor, Hawthorns, Hardgate, Sheilhope and Wellside. Most of our breeding ewes are now home bred with a few generations of daughters and grand daughters to their credit.             

All our stock are registered with the Ryeland Flock Book Society Ltd.

Sorry, no stock for sale now until July 2022. By then we should have weaned lambs to sell. Keep an eye on our stock for sale page.