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New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Red Large Fowl. 


The New Hampshire Red directly derived from the Rhode Island Red. Using selective breeding, farmers in New Hampshire wanted to create an improvement and rival to the Rhode Island Red. They produced an earlier maturing, quick feathering plumper bird. Although by the time the New Hampshire Red breed was standardized in 1935 the Rhode Island Red breed was too well established for the New Hampshire Red to be an improvement. I would say they have equal merits.

About New Hampshire Reds.

New Hampshire Reds are classed as large soft feather (although there is also a bantam variety). They are a great utility bird laying tinted eggs. In my oppinion they probably lay more eggs per year than any other pure breed. They also make a good quality tasty meat bird. They are a friendly breed of chicken, ideal for little and big kids alike, a great gardeners companion.

With their friendly docile nature they make a fine choice for showing, as their attractive chestnut/orange feathering shines beautifully.

Due to the popularity of the Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds have unjustifiably been overlooked.

Photo taken at Southport and Ormskirk Society Poultry Annual Open Show 2nd November 2019. He was my 2019 homebred Cockerel that was used for 2020 breeding. He was 1st in his class.